FINTICA was borne out of a clear need in the banking industry to utilize the most advanced technology currently capable of data clustering, analysis, and analytics both in real-time and offline. 

Through high-level partnerships with leading global exchanges and banking firms, FINTICA is transforming how financial data is understood, analyzed, and merged.

Existing predictive AI algorithms are only as good as their underlying data. Without high quality data sets, these advanced technologies will consistently fall short. Currently large institutions own large amounts of data, yet it is inconsistent across different groups within the organization. Data is often stored across a patchwork of disparate systems, leading to duplication and lacking a true north golden source.

Without the heavy task of enriching this data, many technologies are operating on a faulty foundation.

FINTICA, utilizing unsupervised AI, is able to comb through raw and unstructured data, thereby removing the barrier to so many existing technologies. With an ability to find patterns and organize data on its own, the legacy problems across banking data pose little challenge.