Harnessing the power of world leading artificial intelligence, FINTICA resolves a myriad of the inefficiencies within the financial industry.

Cortica and Duotem Capital have joined forces to launch FINTICA, Ltd., a groundbreaking financial technology firm utilizing Cortica’s revolutionary Autonomous AI. With over 14 years of research and development, Autonomous AI combs through raw, unstructured data in a fully unsupervised manner to learn patterns and understand complexities, anomalies, and more.

With this advanced autonomous artificial intelligence, FINTICA is able to cluster, organize, and utilize existing raw data to bring about true insights.

The firm’s mission is to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in both the pre-trade and post-trade processes, develop advanced automated risk management and alert triage, and create consolidated actionable analytics services.

“Today’s AI capabilities, coupled with self-learning technologies, open up a world of possibilities and opportunities for us to improve the way we perform in terms of efficiency, transparency and compliance as an industry. We are at a point in the post-trade arena where breakthrough solutions – such as those promised by organisations such as Cortica and Duotem – can radically transform the way we interact with our clients and help them to strengthen their credibility for more sustainable business relationships with their clients and investors.”

- Thomas Zeeb, Member of the Executive Board and Head of the Securities & Exchanges business unit at SIX