• The Fintica Team


As AI advances, the world is moving toward fully autonomous platforms. Cars will drive themselves, surveillance systems will automatically detect threats, and financial technology will identify fraud, place trades, and appropriately predict opportunities without human intervention.

But what does it take for any of this to become truly autonomous?

What does it take for a vehicle to fully drive itself? Not only must it stay within the lane lines and keep an appropriate distance from the car ahead of it, the brain within the vehicle must be able to predict the most likely next set of events. If a ball comes rolling into the center of the road, the vehicle must understand that not only is this a ball, but also that it should proceed with extra caution as there may be a child following closely behind. This is a simple task for a human being, but creating such a system requires highly advanced artificial intelligence. When you consider all of the possible situations that can occur behind the wheel it’s easy to see that trying to define every possible scenario in advance just isn’t viable. This requires AI that scales far beyond the limitations of methodologies like deep learning.

Now, extrapolate this problem to the financial sector where the scenarios are infinitely complex, ever-changing, and multifaceted. To predict trade opportunities in rapidly changing markets, across asset classes and time-series, requires tech that scales far beyond the limits of traditional deep learning technology. To identify fraudulent behavior or insider trading requires innovative technology that is able to understand and predict unique situations without substantial data. The challenges and intricacies pile up.

Autonomous platforms require Autonomous AI – AI that is able to learn on its own, in real-time to tackle these complex problems.

Autonomous AI is a product of over 11 years of research and development by Cortica, a leader in the artificial intelligence space. Fintica, a joint collaboration between Cortica and Duotem (a consulting firm based in Hong Kong) is developing proprietary Autonomous AI that directly tackles the financial industry to develop autonomous fraud detection platforms, autonomous compliance capabilities, and even autonomous trading.

Autonomous AI arose out of research into how the mammal cortex interprets signals. This biological research stays at the core of Autonomous AI. The system has been developed to operate with inspiration from human learning, allowing the unsupervised AI to learn on its own by clustering and extrapolating information in real-time.

The advantage to this approach is an ability to handle the complex situations mentioned earlier in order to bring about truly autonomous and intelligent financial platforms. Without the requirement for manual training and pure rule-based approaches, Fintica’s Autonomous AI is able to predict, understand, and interpret data to detect financial opportunities as they arise.

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