26 Jan 2021
Japanese giant Nikko Global builds on Fintica AI success for market analysis
TEL AVIV, Israel and TOKYO, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fintica AI, Ltd. announced today the successful execution of a project for leading international Japan-based asset management company, Nikko Global Wrap, part of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group. Following the successful trial, Nikko Global Wrap confirmed it planned to leverage advanced market regime classification capabilities, harnessing Fintica's proprietary autonomous artificial intelligence engines.

Nikko Global Wrap is a major Tokyo-based international asset management company with over JPY2.5 trillion (approx. USD24bn) under management. The company has proven a global leader in integrating advanced technologies. From financial engineering, to data science and machine learning, Nikko Global Wrap actively utilizes financial big data capabilities to ensure customer success and deep traction within the markets.

Fintica is an Israeli deeptech Fintech Company that is building next generation Autonomous AI for the Global Financial Industry. The company is the fintech spinoff of Israel's leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, Cortica, and has developed disruptive autonomous AI technology for the financial markets. The company's technology is based on advanced self-learning methodologies coupled with proprietary time series data science analysis, which enables a new breed of intelligent, holistic and timely market regime analyses. With its modular approach to market regime classification, anomaly detection, and risk management, Fintica's AI x-rays the markets in real time, to provide asset managers with a unique understanding of the vast amounts of data. This provides a qualitative edge for efficient and well-informed decision making.

The collaboration announcement comes at a time of significant market volatility and turbulence, with companies around the world seeking to greatly improve their ability to achieve a deeper understanding of changing market structures and conditions, and implement a pro-active and effective investment strategy management.